• Q: My Tablet won’t connect to the Blackvue camera?
    A: Check the WI-FI settings to make sure the Blackvue camera is connected. Please see video below.

BlackVue WIFI Connect

  • Q: I have no internet connectivity?
    A: Check advanced Net settings to ensure that WI-FI camera connects last . Please see video below

Other Questions

  • Q: My tablet crashed What do I do?
    A: Please note the date and time and contact support staff at DM&T
  • Q:My tablets GPS is not working within the ROADA Patrol Application?
    A: Check the applications admin settings to see that the GPS port is selected. See video below
  • Q: My tablet is not getting GPS within 511ROADA?
    A: GPS could take up to 30 seconds to connect after logging in.

  • Q: The GPS on my tablet is still not working.?
    A: Restart the tablet.